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Our denturist may recommend partial dentures if you are only missing some teeth. Partial dentures can fill the gaps in your teeth and complete your smile! Call Bozeman Denture Center at 406-586-6569 to schedule an appointment with Annie Hull and learn more about partial dentures in Bozeman, Montana, and smile with confidence today!

Partial dentures are typically recommended when you have lost some teeth but still have healthy natural teeth. Partial dentures are custom-made oral appliances used to fill the gaps in your smile and are designed to help restore your smile and preserve your remaining natural teeth. Partials help restore natural appearance and function, making it easier for you to speak and chew, and supporting your cheeks and lips to prevent your facial contours from sagging.

A partial denture usually consists of replacement teeth fixed into an acrylic base. A thin framework or clasps are also included. This framework attaches to the remaining teeth to ensure a more secure fit for the denture. Your denture may feel awkward or uncomfortable for a few weeks as your mouth adjusts but afterwards should be comfortable to wear.

Make sure to follow all instructions for the care and use of your denture that our denturist may provide in order to ensure that your denture remains in good condition and functions correctly. Do not attempt to force your denture into place by biting down, as this could bend or break the clasps and damage your teeth.

If you have any questions about partial dentures and to set up an appointment with our denturist, please contact our office today.



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